Monday, April 04, 2011

A Jumble of Journalism Links 4.4.11

What I’ve Been Reading

Google has begun publishing – online of course – a digital magazine called Think Quarterly The first issue deals with data – of course.
Mashable has a brief review of the mag.

Another fine example of how high school students are being trained in becoming good citizens of an authoritarian regime.

The Gulf War: Were there any heroes in the BP oil disaster? is a longish story in The New Yorker about the blow-by-blow of the BP spill, but its subtext is the media and the way it frames and reports on such disasters.

The NY Times Paywall Goes Up. When Is It Immoral to Go Around It?

Interesting entreprejournalism interview here: How To Start Your Own Local News Site.

A database revealing where nonprofit news sites get their money

Speaking of funding journalism, The Washington Post on NBC and the missing story about parent company General Electric not paying taxes on billions in earnings.

Speaking of funding journalism: Story on the Top 10 Dying Industries - newspaper industry no. 3

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