Sunday, May 06, 2007

Law - Libel Case Studies

Libel Case Studies

From: COPY EDITORS HANDBOOK FOR NEWSPAPERS 3rd Edition ã2007 by Anthony R. Fellow & Thomas N. Clanin

Edit or rewrite the following if necessary. Explain why each of the items would or would not be the basis of a possible libel suit.

1) A story’s lead: A Thousand Oaks mother who stole her 5 year old daughter after a court awarded custody of the child to an unrelated Van Nuys man is being held on $120,000 bail.

2) A news story: Nathan Collier, a 21- year-old Canoga Park man, committed suicide today. An empty gun and a note, which stated “Life is Unbearable,” was found beside him. The corner is investigating his death.

3) A headline: Doctor found ‘not guilty’ in murder of wife

4) A feature story: Las Vegas has become America’s sin city. More prostitutes, drug lords and panhandlers walk the streets of this gambling mecca than anywhere else in the world.

5) A review: Great news for fans of Peter OToole: He finally sobered up enough to begin work on another film.

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