Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Court Vocabulary 1

Court Vocab 1

1. Brief : Document listing facts, law pertinent to court case
2. Certiorari : Writ from higher court requesting lower court case records
3. Common Law : Based on court decisions, tradition rather than statutes
4. Contempt : Act harmful to authority, dignity, operations of a court
5. Continuance : Postponement or adjournment of trial until a later date
6. Cross-examine : To question a witness already questioned by opposite side
7. Demurrer : Plea that even if charges are true, they do not constitute a crime
8. Deposition : Statement made under oath by person unable to appear in court
9. Equity : System of justice applied to circumstances not covered by law
10. Estoppel : Restraining a person from contradicting previous testimony
11. Executor : Person named to carry out provision of a will
12. Extradition : Surrender of fugitive by one state to another for prosecution
13. Felony : Serious crimes punishable by death or imprisonment
14. Habeas Corpus : Ordering detained person to court to review legality of restraint
15. Homicide : Slaying or killing a human being
16. Indictment : True Bill by grand jury when sufficient evidence for trial exists
17. Injunction : Court order commanding some action or cessation of an action
18. Inquest : Inquiry held into cause of violent or suspicious death
19. Intestate : Death in which deceased did not leave a will
20. Judgment : Decision, orders or decrees resulting from court decisions
21. Jurisdiction : Extent of authority or control of a court
22. Lien : Claim or charge on property for payment of a debt
23. Mandamus : Order commanding public official to perform duties required by law

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