Sunday, September 12, 2010

Court Vocab 2

1. Manslaughter : Homicides not considered murder or justifiable
2. Panel : A list of jurors
3. Accessory : Person involved in but not present at a crime
4. Accomplice : Person involved in a crime with another
5. Affidavit : Written statement made under oath
6. Appeal : Higher court reviews lower court's decision in a case
7. Arraignment : Court hearing in which accused informed of charges, bail, etc.
8. Bail Bond : Security posted to secure release from custody
9. Bailiff : Court attendant, sergeant-at-arms
10. Nolo Contendere : Plea in which defendant will not contest the charge
11. Peace Bond : Sum held and forfeit if person violates order to keep the peace
12. Plea : A person's legal response to charge in court
13. Probate : Proving settlement of estate of deceased person
14. Recognizance : Arrested person released on his honor to appear when ordered
15. Reprieve : Postponement of execution of a death sentence
16. Subpoena : Order commanding person to appear and testify in court
17. Testate : Death in which a person left a will
18. Tort : Private wrong or injury not involving breach of contract
19. True Bill : Indictment returned by a grand jury
20. Venue : Locality from which jury is called and in which trial is held
21. Venire : Jury panel summoned from which jury will be selected
22. Trustee : Person holding title to property for benefit of another
23. Writ : Mandatory orders issued by a court