Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Twitter Concision

Twitter Concision
Call up your Twitter account. Copy the first sentence into Twitter and see how few characters you can boil sentence down to.
  1. Mellon said his staff accomplished a reduction of long waits in driver’s license offices in the past three months. 
  2. Mellon said his staff has experienced progress in the past three months toward accomplishing a reduction of waits of four and five hours at some driver’s license offices.
  3. Mellon said that his staff has been successful in reducing wait times. 
  4. The average length of waiting time at the offices in Dade County dropped by half.
  5. They reduced the waiting times that some driver’s license offices experienced. 
  6. Vacancies went only to those who were able to speak the Spanish language.
  7. They applied for part-time janitorial jobs with the company so that they could earn additional money.
  8. With the cooperation of Smith, police were able to arrest several suspects. 
  9. Prosecution spokesperson Sandi Gibbons said Love would be arrested if and when she returns to California.
  10. A 2006 Humvee crashed into the back of the Centre County school bus yesterday around 3 p.m at the intersection of Portry Avenue and 15th street. Traffic was halted for five hours. 
  11. A Navy Blue Angel jet crashed at about 4 p.m. during the final minutes of the air show Saturday. 
  12. The jet plunged into a neighborhood of small homes and trailers located about 35 miles northwest of Hilton Head Island. Eight people on the ground were injured, and the pilot, who had been on the team for two years, was killed in the accident. The Navy is conducting an investigation.
  13. The squid was frozen in the ship's hull and brought back to New Zealand for scientific examination and study.

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