Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 1 Lab Sked

Week 1 – Jan. 5-7
Student Questionnaire: File this to e-Learning assignment (Graded X or 0)
Assign L-Drives. Our lab is jou4201????  followed by your number. Log-on How Do.
Dow Jones Test (Handout). You have one hour. Put your name on test. We will review in class. 
First Day Nuts & Bolts Assessment challenge. You have 60 minutes. On e-Learning.
Grammar-Writing Exercise (GWE Day 1)
Two full pages at 1-inch margins in 12 point Times Roman. Due in e-Learning by Friday noon of this week. And like everything else, save a copy in your Gmail or Dropbox account.
Today's Goal: Assess your writing, grammar & cultural & current-affairs knowledge skills; your ability to think critically & to follow instructions; & your skill level with e-Learning. 

Read: Syllabus - questions from this could be on next lab's weekly challenge
Digital Tools: Set Up: Gmail account & Dropbox account
Follow: My Twitter feed
Do: WWC EXERCISE 1 Grammar Checkup
Read: AP on Murder and find an example on Google News of a publication violating this rule. Note what is wrong. You will attach this to next week’s challenge.
Study for AP A-C 1
Then take AP challenge in e-Learning before start of next lab.
FYI: Previous Dow Jones Grammar Tests
FYI: If you are interested in becoming an editor, consider joining the American Copy Editors Society (ACES) at:
FYI: If you have an interest in design, see and

Own Your Education (Grammar reviews)


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