Sunday, February 19, 2006

Headline Writing Assignment

  • Subject: A story about high school boys caught looking through a hole in a shower wall at girls in the locker room next door.
  • Boys get in trouble.
  • Story reports that the girls were very angry with their fellow students.
  • Load your headline as comment.


Mary Mancone said...

Girls angry at boys looking
through hole in shower wall

Kristen said...

Peeping Toms in trouble

Anonymous said...

April Dudash
Section 6011

Boys caught, need cold showers
after spying on girls' locker room

Jaclyn Stark said...

Peeping toms caught in the john

Becca said...

Rebecca Ganzak
section 2672

peeping tommies caught watching girls in shower

Anonymous said...

Joanna Blaz
Section 6011

Peep hole in shower leads to trouble for high school boys


High school peep show leaves girls peeved

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Tassin
Sec 2670

High school boy peeps
give fellow girls creeps

hanna said...

High school boys caught spying on girls' shower scene

Jon Michael said...

Boys caught looking, ends fanta-see

Anonymous said...

Angel McCurdy
Sec 2670

Hide and peep no longer
for high school boys

Kathryn Rathmann said...

Shower sneak peek ends for boys,
leaves girls upset

Anonymous said...

Ian Koslow

There's a hole in the wall where the boys can see it all

Anonymous said...

Boys caught spying on girls' locker room,
leaves girls upset

Megan Miller

Anonymous said...

Jessica Chasmar
Sec. 6011

High school peep shows
don't require cover charge

lacamp86 said...

Boys' peeps gives girls creeps

Anonymous said...

Boys caught peeping coeds shower,
leaves ladies steamed

Anonymous said...

Boys caught peeping coeds shower,
leaves ladies steamed

craig runyon

Miss Muse said...

Peeping toms caught at local high school

Anonymous said...

Amrita Ford
Section 2672

School boys' peek at shower scene sparks girls' scorn

kelli mckinney said...

Peep hole to girl's locker room causes trouble for Peeping Toms

Anonymous said...

Sarah Hsu
Sec. 2672

Girls' locker room peep show
ends for spying boys

Erica Lauren said...

Peep hole for shower show gets boys in trouble

-Erica Weiffenbach

Stacy Fournier said...

Stacy Fournier
Locker room peep show leads to trouble in high school

Anonymous said...

Boys busted for shower scene spying

Megan Jeffers

cait deery said...

Peeping toms in trouble after caught spying on girls' locker room

Tatiana Navarro said...

Tatiana Navarro
Section 2671

High school shower peep hole
leaves girls peeved at boys

Anonymous said...

Girls upset with boys when caught peeping through shower hole

Melissa Grajales

Hilary said...

Peeping Toms' locker-room antics doused; girls steaming mad

Hilary Lehman

madison2 said...

Madison Cheatwood
Section 2670

Hole in high school shower leaves boys peeping, girls steaming

Laurie K. Blandford said...

Laurie K. Blandford

Boys caught peeping
in school locker room,
angered girls inside

Shaw said...

Porky's style escapades get boys in trouble, spyhole in girl's shower

Marly said...

High school boys in trouble for peep show

Abbi MacFarlane said...

Girls steaming after boys
peep on shower scene

Ken said...

Hole in locker room wall lands boys in trouble

Anonymous said...

Aaron Bergeson
Secion 6011

Peeping high school boys
peeve showering girls

Anonymous said...

Ashley Furrow
Section 6011

Boys caught looking through peep hole into girls' locker room

Casey Brooke Lawson said...

High school girls steamed after boys peep on shower scene

Casey Brooke Lawson

Anonymous said...

Shower of trouble for boys caught peeping in girls' locker room

Jennifer Keil
Section 2670

Sara R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara R. said...

Locker room hole in wall
leads to peep problem
high school girls peeved

Sara Rubin
Section 2672

Anonymous said...

Peers have locker room coeds steaming

Lilly Cardenas
section 2671

Gabrielle said...

Girls steamed over
Boys peeping in shower

SEtheridge said...

High school boys caught peeping
in girls' locker room

Megan said...

Megan Heron
Sec. 2672

Peeping Toms leave peers steamed

Holli Horton said...

Holli Horton
Section 2671

Pupils peeping in shower leads to girls shreaking

mauri mohler said...

Boys caught at peep show
through hole in locker room

Anonymous said...

Alexandra Crittenden

Girls steamed over
peeping Toms

Anonymous said...

Laura Novetzke

Peeping Toms hold high school peep-show.

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